Inspection II

Florian Hecker

  • analysis
  • approximation
  • artificial speech
  • formalism

“Masochism is cruel because, in subverting the model, it imposes it with exaggerated severity”


Spinal Catastrophism

Thomas Moynihan

  • biology
  • Daniel Barker
  • Elaine Morgan
  • evolution

“When bodies are just glutinated time, pathologies can only be approached as timestep desynchronisations”


Enchantment of the Virtual

Gilles Châtelet

Charles Alunni  (ed)

Catherine Paoletti  (ed)

  • abstraction
  • creativity
  • diagram
  • epistemology

“The last romantic philosopher”


After Death

François J. Bonnet

  • consumerism
  • death
  • existential
  • finitude

“Death isn’t what it used to be”


Construction Site for Possible Worlds

Amanda Beech  (ed)

James Wiltgen  (ed)

Robin Mackay  (ed)

  • accelerationism
  • architecture
  • capitalism
  • change

“Overcoming the contemporary moment's deficit of conceptualizing alternate realities”