#Accelerate round-up
05 Nov 2014

There has been a lot of #Accelerate-related action recently – here's a brief round-up:
– Bayern Radio recently broadcast a fantastic show on accelerationism, With Techno and Terminator against Capital, complete with music picked by editor Robin Mackay, including some CCRU productions.
– There is a forthcoming event, The Accelerationist Trial at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in December, scheduled to coincide with a forthcoming issue of Multitudes.
– Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek, authors of the Accelerationist Manifesto, are Interviewed in Libération.
– Over at 3AM magazine Alex Galloway
discusses Accelerationism with Benjamin Noys, whose new book Malign Velocities expands and elaborates his critical take on the idea.
– The Dark Ecologies blog continues its excellent series of readings of #Accelerate with a post on Benedict Singleton's take on Cosmism.
– CCBLAB have an Interview with Editor Robin Mackay.
– A call for papers for a Prague workshop on education and acceleration.
– Lastly, and most intriguing of all, Vice have a story on Health Goth, a fashion movement which is apparently aligned with Accelerationism.