Black Friday Collapses
27 Nov 2014

To celebrate Collapse 8 finally going to press, we are offering copies of the ORIGINAL series of Collapse at an insane Black Friday price in our web store, from 00:00 GMT tomorrow.
We have been down into the Urbanomic cellar and are clearing the last remaining stock of the ORIGINAL printing of the previous volumes of Collapse. This is definitively your last ever chance to get hold of these limited editions. We have only a small number of copies of Collapse I, II, III, V, VI, and VII (not IV). We ALSO have a similarly limited number of copies of the first editions of Fanged Noumena and The Concept of Non-Photography.
Best of all, for this Friday only, for our Facebook and Twitter friends, all of these titles are available for only £5 each + shipping.
*note: these copies are sold as they are, from our last remaining stock. They may be any one of the following: unnumbered; marked; bent covers; cracked spine; missing insert (Collapse VII); cursed; radioactive. They are all readable! There are only limited numbers of each title, to be sold on a first come first served basis (no reservation in advance – please don't email!, sale begins 00:00 GMT on Friday 27 Nov).