Collapse V Erratum
28 Feb 2009

Readers of Martin Schönfeld’s new translation of Kant’s ‘On Creation in the Infinite Extent of its Infinity in Both Space and Time’ in Collapse V will have spotted an editorial mistake that crops up in the very first paragraph: namely, that the second and third sentences of the text are two slightly different translations of the same sentence of the original. The first of these is Schönfeld’s own translation; the second is from Ian Johnston’s translation. The latter somehow found its way into the text after it was cited in editorial correspondence by way of suggesting that Einbildungskraft be rendered as ‘power of imagination’ (rather than ‘imagination’) and that Verstehen be rendered as ‘the understanding’ (rather than ‘the mind’). While the latter substitution was made, unfortunately the Johnston translation was also accidentally inserted, and we failed to catch this in the final proofs. We would like to extend our apologies to both Martin Schönfeld and our readers for this blunder. (The only other mistake the editors have come across is that the italics are missing on the first page of Martin Schönfeld’s own paper: apologies again, Martin!)