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Duchamp Looked At (From the Other Side)

Undoing the Image 3

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  • Robin Mackay

Matisse and Duchamp seem to incarnate ideal poles of the tension internal to modern art as it plunged into crisis the idea of the image—a polemical operation that opened the way to contemporary art’s auto-problematization of experimental constructivism. Where Matisse subverted the aesthetic regime by bringing painting out of itself to decoratively invest its environment in a Bergsonian energetics of color, Duchamp cuts it off from the plastic arts through a reversal of Bergson’s in-the-making: in the readymade, this perspective is captured by a literalised signifier, phallically unleashed against the dialectic of visible and invisible that informs the desire for the image…a desire now exposed to the shop window of the department store.

Duchamp Looked At is an extraordinarily rich philosophical study that offers a startling new account of the dis/continuity between the problems of contemporary art and the new articulations Duchamp fabricated between image and idea, science and art, painting and language. Alliez and Bonne’s meticulous archaeological survey rediscovers the real problems and motivations of ‘Duchamp-thought’ through a close analysis of his entire oeuvre: from the Nudes in which the problem of representing movement is gradually displaced into the realm of the virtual, the image disqualified in favor of the diagram, to the pataphysical sciences of chance and the particular, the readymades, the Large Glass and Étant donnés—and beyond, as the artist carbonizes the gallery with 1200 Sacks of Coal and ties it up with Miles of String, in installations that take Duchamp beyond Duchamp.

Undoing the Image

1. Body Without Organs, Body without Image: Ernesto Neto’s Anti-Leviathan
2. Becoming-Matisse: Between Painting and Architecture
3. Duchamp Looked at (From the Other Side)
i. Descending Painting
ii. Picking up the Thread
iii. Given Readymades
4. Three Entries in the Form of Escape Diagrams
i. DB Entry [Daniel Buren]
ii. GMC Entry [Gordon Matta-Clark]
iii. GB Entry [Günter Brus]
5. Boîte HO [Hélio Oiticica]

  • 1. Descending Painting
  • 2. Picking up the Thread
  • 3. Given Readymades
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Subjects
  • Bibliography