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Nov 2015

ISBN 978-1-8460005-8-4


Final and First Machine

Artist Edition printed by The Holodeck, Birmingham
Currently Unavailable


    Lanchester Gallery Projects, in collaboration with Amanda Beech, commissioned the dual publication Final and First Machine.

    Final Machine documents the exhibition of the same name; a three-channel video and architectural installation that continued Beech’s examination into the nexus of art, politics, fiction and philosophy. The work questions dogmatically and directly: How it is possible to engage art as a site of realism that would annihilate our faith in the art and politics that we know as our bad habit?

    The publication includes the proceedings from the panel discussion held at LGP in March 2013. The invited speakers, Bridget Crone, Robin Mackay and Marie-Anne McQuay, responded to the work in discussion with Beech, drawing upon current debates in culture, politics and philosophy.

    First Machine is a new chapter of work from Amanda Beech that responds to the videography of Final Machine. The drawings collapse the architectural, spatial and graphic, with the gestural and the propagandist, to invent emblems of power. It includes the newly commissioned essays ‘Actualizing the Impossible’ by Ray Brassier, ‘First and Final Machine: From Metaphysics to the Forensics of Force’ by Reza Negarestani, and ‘MOBILITAS LOCI (MULLER LTD.)’ by Confraternity of Neoflagellants.

    The publication launched at the conference Art and Reason—How Art Thinks at Newcastle University, in association with The New Centre of Research and Practice, NYC, and Filet, London, 24.11.15.