Have you been taking your iron supplements lately?
20 Apr 2012

Here is the press release for the closing event of Yves Metller’s installation accompanied with a conversation on geophilosophy and art via video conference:

On April 26th, 8pm, Yves Mettler and Reza Negarestani will have a public conversation via video-conference at the Mus?�e cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne. The conversation will focus on how our most intimate corporeal and psychological constitutions have vertiginous proximities with the Earth’s cosmological history, and how we are bound through backdoor narratives and subtle complicities to the most liveless materials.

In addition, here you can find an excerpt of the text jointly written for the installation. Part a socio-culture satire, part a tabloid psychological thriller and part a geophilosophical self-help 101, the text “Arnex-1: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Asphalt” takes genre experimentations to new levels and reveals subtle webs of transfers and translations between art, the planet and a modern conception of geophilosophy whose topos of thought is a true-to-the-universe earth. The entire text will be available in the near future.