Lecture series on the universalist thought of the open II
03 Apr 2012

In continuation of the lecture series on universalism after Peirce and Kant and a modern conception of speculative thought, this Thursday and Saturday via video-conference:
Thursday, April 5 (11.00 – 14.00):
Seminar 6: The Continuous and the Contingent
– The labyrinth of the Universal and geometry of the Absolute (a summary on the synthetic environment of the Universal)
– Systematic navigation and inferring topoi of knowledge
Saturday, April 7:
Seminar 7: Accelerate Out of This World
– Mathesis of acceleration (Aristotle, Ibn al-Haytham, Oresme, Ch?�telet, Zalamea)
– Perception of acceleration, neurobiological underpinnings (Gould, Berthoz, Longo)
– Acceleration as a full-fledged epistemological program (Magnani)
– Culture of acceleration, an epistemological vanishing point
– Transmodern navigation and global synthesis of intensities
– The universe of “creativity without brake”
Transcription of the whole universalism series will be available at some point.
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