New Publications [2] Speculative Aesthetics
19 Sep 2014

Second of our new publications arriving next month is Speculative Aesthetics, the first of our new Redactions series (see Publications).
Redaction is the process of preparing source material for publication, implying both recall, distillation, and a settling of accounts (Redigere – to bring back, reduce down, call in)
Urbanomic\’s Redactions reprocess live dialogues, rewriting, reconstructing and reassembling archives of past events.
The original participants are invited to revisit, rethink and refine their contributions, which are occasionally supplemented by additional resources to further extend the discussion – a montage of collective research in progress.
This first publication in the series documents and extends the Speculative Aesthetics roundtable, discussing the ramifications of speculative thought for aesthetics, this discussion ranges from contemporary art\’s relation to the aesthetic, to accelerationism and abstraction, logic and design.
The introduction to the book is available to read on the book details page.