New Publications [3] To Live and Think Like Pigs
19 Sep 2014

Last, but not least, of our new books, published with Sequence Press and scheduled for November publication, is Gilles Châtelet\’s magnificent polemic against neoliberalism, To Live and Think Like Pigs.
In this fiery tract, Châtelet combines the incandescent wrath of the betrayed comrade with the acute discrimination of the mathematician-physicist, scrutinizing the pseudoscientific alibis employed to naturalize \’market democracy\’, and the \’triple alliance\’ between politics, economics, and cybernetics.
Alain Badiou contributes a preface in which he examines how the \’fulminating abstraction\’ at work in this book provides a clue to the link between Châtelet\’s work as a philosopher of science and mathematics and his insistence upon connecting thought to the body and to the question \’What is it to Live?\’