“Playing Practice” hosted by Urbanomic Studio 19/04/09
31 Mar 2009

Please join us on 19 April from 2pm – 8pm for “playing practice” – a curatorial, collaborative event at Urbanomic Studio in Falmouth and online at the Department of Reading wiki and Skype .
playing practice
Sunday, 19 April 2009
Start 2pm (BST) – finish 8pm (BST)
Skype (contact: soenkeha or magdalenatc)
Urbanomic Studio,
The Old Lemonade Factory,
Off Windsor Terrace,
Falmouth TR11 3EX
Cornwall, UK

“playing practice” suggests a space where text becomes a matter of playing and playing a practice that allows for reading and writing to coincide. Sharing textual fragments as tools and toys, this collaborative session takes place at the Urbanomic Studio, Falmouth, and online with the use of Department of Reading wiki, Skype and Department of Reading internet system (DoRis). By proposing simple frameworks and rules with which to start this session, playing itself becomes a space of encounter, experimentation and intervention that you can join or leave at any time.
Of course, we can’t tell you how to play, since the aim of this session is to see what kind of play comes out of the activity. We wish, however, to suggest some introductory rules as the basis from which to start:

  • Bring your own toys, that is bring in quotations and excerpts on the subject of playing.
  • Share your toys by pasting your quotations to the Wiki of the Department of Reading. We will provide further instructions during the session.

We will also host an “offline” version of “playing practice” in the Urbanomic Studio. There will be repository of quotations to which you are welcome to add your own textual toys. We will use tools such as blue tack, magnets, papers, pens and scissors to create and display a physical version of the play.
To participate in the session join us on April 19 at the Department of Reading and on Skype, and/or at Urbanomic Studio, Falmouth, UK (bring your laptop, textual toys-printed out or digital, and whatever else you think you might need to play). See map for directions.
“playing practice” is part of the ongoing collaborative practice-led research project Virtual Networks Social Fabrics, initiated by Magda Tyzlik-Carver (New Models of Curating? at iRes) with Sönke Hallmann (Department of Reading) and Scott Rigby (Basekamp/Plausible Artworlds). The aim of this project is to consider models in which to share the knowledge and research gathered as a result of each of the projects: Plausible Artworlds, Department of Reading and New Models of Curating? as well as through the meetings in which these three projects come together.