The outstanding synecdochic signifier for a revenant human dead is the skull—mind-seat now empty-eyed, memento mori, grinning, screaming. The nonpareil iteration of the embodied Weird is the tentacle, and by suspiciously perfect chance, the most Weird-ly mutable—formless—of all tentacled animals is the octopus, the body of which, a bulbous, generally roundish shape distinguished by two prominent eyes, is vaguely homologous with a human skull.
The shapes are ready, and take little to combine: the Weird-hauntological monster is clearly a tentacled skull.

Print of China Miéville’s drawing for his text M.R. James and the Quantum Vampire in Collapse IV: Concept-Horror.

Digital print on archival art paper, 51 × 34cm.
Edition of 50 signed by the artist.

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