Urbanomic studio – Postmedieval journal
21 May 2009

Urbanomic has launched its artistic counterpart of Collapse Journal, a place for “a renegotiation of the relationship between philosophers and artists, on the model of an interrupted relay in which thinkers deploy their conceptual resources to articulate and extend artists’ work, and artists in turn develop and synthesise concepts through their practice; resulting in a productive and unpredictable cycle of research and development subordinated neither to the norms of academic thinking nor to the mainstream discourses of art criticism.”
Documents and transcripts of the past events (including one with Ray Brassier on Darwin) will be available soon on the Urbanomic Studio website. I am also contributing to the future events on ‘Rat-ionalism’ and ‘How to Kill Animals’.
Also, Palgrave Macmillan and the BABEL working group have recently announced their new journal, postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies. The journal has a non-traditional approach to medieval studies and philosophy which makes it an exciting publication for those who are interested to “bring the medieval and modern into productive critical relation(s)”. If you have proposals for articles or special themed volumes, you can contact Eileen A. Joy.