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UK, EU: Via Central Books: Tel 44 (0)20 8525 8800
US/Canada: Via Sequence Press
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We are always pleased to receive unsolicited contributions, however please note that we do not have the manpower to read and immediately reply to all submissions. Please be aware also that, as Collapse is a themed journal, unsolicited submissions are unlikely to be appropriate.

If your work falls under any of the following categories, please consider not sending it to us:

• Deleuzian Beat Poetry
• A 3-400 page treatise that is a bit like Being and Event but with a new twist
• Extended syntactical experiment with heavy use of parentheses
• ‘Nonning’ (application of Laruelle to your chosen field of study)
• Dolorous meditation on the anthropocene
• First-person account of philosophical epiphany
• Self-help/Esoteric
• Theory of quantum consciousness
• Comparative religion with or without admixture of continental philosophy
• Nick Land fanfic