Author Title Year PDF  
UFD035 Kristen Alvanson
Dreams and Fabrications 2019
UFD034 Reza Negarestani
Robin Mackay
Reengineering Philosophy 2018
UFD033 Simon Sellars
Robin Mackay
So Many Unrealities 2018
UFD032 Ben Carver
An Entangled Forest: Evolution and Speculative Fiction 2018
UFD031 Elie Ayache
Concept and Intuition in Abstract Probability Theory 2018
UFD030 Tristan Garcia
Doctor Strange: A Hero of the Mind 2017
UFD029 Matthew Fuller
Nobody Knows What A Book Is Anymore 2017
UFD028 Alain Badiou
Forget About Elections, Once and For All! 2017
UFD027 Amy Ireland
The Poememenon: Form as Occult Technology 2017
UFD026 Alain Badiou
From False Globalisation to the One Communist World, via the Question of ‘Foreigners’ 2017
UFD025 Vincent Garton
Leviathan Rots 2017
UFD024 Tariq Goddard
Jeremy Gilbert
Justin Barton
Tristam Adams
Robin Mackay
Mark Fisher Memorial 2017
    UFD023 Ina Blom
    Becoming Video (The Prehension of Painting) 2015
    UFD022 Mark Fisher
    Cybergothic vs. Steampunk 2016
    UFD021 Nick Land
    Sore Losers 2016
    UFD020 Milan Cirkovic
    Close Encounters of the Philosophical Kind 2016
    UFD019 Amanda Beech
    Heroic Realism: Violence, Conservatism, and the Fate of Culture 2014
    UFD018 Anne-Françoise Schmid
    Benoît Maire
    Lost Films as Philosophical Fiction 2016
    UFD017 Giuseppe Longo
    On the Borderline: Science and Reductionism 2016
    UFD016 Jean Petitot
    To Remake the ‘Timaeus’ 1987
    UFD015 Pamela Rosenkranz
    Jen, Jeans, and Genes 2016
    UDF014 Anne-Françoise Schmid
    The Madonna on the Craters of the Moon: An Aesthetic Epistemology 2013
    UFD013 Elie Ayache
    Point of Gaze 2012
    UFD012 Steven Warwick
    A Slow Gradual Ooze 2016
    UFD011 Franziska Aigner
    Robin Mackay
    John Gerrard
    Gesture as Playlist 2015
    UFD010 Peter Wolfendale
    Objects and Objections 2014
    UFD009 Gilles Châtelet
    A Martial Art of Metaphor: Two Interviews with Gilles Châtelet 1998
    UFD008 Jean Cavaillès
    Albert Lautman
    Mathematical Thought 1939
    UFD007 Lee Gamble
    Robin Mackay
    Sound and Concept 2015
    UFD006 Robin Mackay
    Perspective, Alienation, Escape: An Introduction 2013
    UFD005 Kristen Alvanson
    Manabrata Guha
    Kenna Hernly
    Robin Mackay
    China Miéville
    Timothy Morton
    Reza Negarestani
    Matthew Poole
    Eugene Thacker
    The Real Thing: The Real and the Sublime 2010
    UFD004 Amanda Beech
    Mikko Canini
    Mark Fisher
    Iain Hamilton Grant
    Robin Mackay
    The Real Thing: Panel Discussion 2010
    UFD003 Florian Hecker
    Sound Out of Line: In Conversation with Florian Hecker 2009
    UFD002 Amanda Beech
    Image-Force: In Conversation with Amanda Beech 2009
    UFD001 Florian Hecker
    Quentin Meillassoux
    Robin Mackay
    Speculative Solution: Quentin Meillassoux and Florian Hecker Talk Hyperchaos 2010