Art Editions


Jun 2021

ISBN 978-1-913029-95-1


Structure and Synthesis

Original Edition
£25.00 / $29.95
  • Paperback
  • 250×190mm
  • 208pp
  • monochrome diagrams and photographs

    In this extensive anthology, Mark Fell, a pioneering artist known for his sound installations and his musical work solo and as part of SND and Sensate Focus, assembles a collection of diverse materials charting his defiantly unorthodox thinking on time, structure, technology, and the relation between academic and popular electronic music.

    An amalgam of workbook and manifesto, featuring a collection of interleaved statements, diagrammatic scores, and instructional texts, Structure and Synthesis is a direct engagement with Fell’s original thinking and his continual provocations in regard to ‘experimental’ music. Alongside reflections on theory and practice, the volume includes exercises for dismantling musical expertise, habits, and intuitions, documenting Fell’s explorations of the peripheries of rhythm, shape and time in perception and performance.

    Long-term collaborator designer Joe Gilmore provides a striking graphic context for Fell’s evolving thinking and the methods and structures he has developed through his solo and collaborative work.