#Accelerate, 521–536


Seven Prescriptions for Accelerationism

Reorientate, Eccentricate, Speculate, Fictionalize, Geometricize, Commonize, Abstractify


1. Reorientate

>In an era characterized by the injunction to self-brand, it should come as no surprise that manifestos now come pre-hashtagged, forecasting their own viral uptake. The surging popularity of #Accelerate (in both positive and negative senses) would not have functioned under a more accurately modest label of #redesigninfrastructureinstitutions technologyideologytowardsotherends—an approach which in fact, paradoxically, seems more deeply attached to the Gramscian ‘long institutional march’ of politics than to a model of political thinking bound to speed or to the revolutionary event. When the currency of attention reigns supreme, terms that play upon our fascination with the excitingly counterintuitive will always win out (in this case: If the speed of things beyond our cognitive grasp is a problem, how can it also be the solution?). The question is: How long can this attention last, can it endure the long march?…