The A-Death Phenomenon


Has death itself become a telecommodity? A dark tide of scare stories and morbid rumour increasingly suggests so. By the late ’90s Leary’s psychedelic utopianism seems to have contracted to the nihilistic slogan ‘Turn-on to tune-out’ (to cite a recent release by Catajungle outfit Xxignal)…this ain’t Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll no more.

According to Doug Frushlee, spokesman for the Christian Coalition for Natural Mortality: ‘The so-called A-Death menace is an almost unimaginable desecration of divine and natural law. This craze is an abomination without parallel, it trades on its intrinsic lethality, and it’s growing incredibly fast. No one can say it isn’t dangerous. Something truly evil is happening to our youngsters, something beyond ’60s 666uality…I’ve never been as frightened as I am now.’…