The Unlife of the Earth


Letter from Carl Gustav Jung to Echidna Stillwell.
Dated 27th February 1929 [extract]

[…] your attachment to a Lemurian cultural-strain disturbs me intensely. From my own point of view—based on the three most difficult cases I have encountered and their attendant abysmally archaic symbolism—it is no exaggeration to state that Lemuria condenses all that is most intrinsically horrific to the racial unconscious, and that the true Lemurians—who you seem intent upon rediscovering—are best left buried beneath the sea. I agree with the Theosophical writings at least this far: it was in order that the darkest sorceries should be erased by deluge that this continent of cultural possibility has been placed under the unconscious sign of definitive submergence. I know little enough about the nature of those that populated that cursed zone, but there are things I suspect, and the line of your own researches confirms my most ominous intimations….

There is no evidence of a reply to this letter.…