The Zones


Ccru is committed to an ongoing research program into the numeracy of the ‘lost Lemurian polyculture’ apparently terminated by the K/T missile of BCE 65,000,000.

During the last century, various aspects of this primordially ancient ‘digital hyperstition’, ‘mechanomics’, ‘schizonumerics’, or ‘numbo-jumbo’ have been painstakingly reassembled through certain cryptic investigations, preeminently those associated with the names Echidna Stillwell, Chaim Horovitz, and Daniel Barker.

From the Mu Archive in Tibet Horovitz unearths an ‘ultimate decimal qabbala’ oriented to the cultic exploration of the numerals zero to nine as cosmic zones. In contradistinction to the late-Babylonian (or Judeo-Christian) qabbala, the ‘method of Mu’ involves a rigorous collapse of transcendent symbolism into intrinsic or immanent features, excavating the latent consistency between the numerical figures, their arithmetic functions, and their cultural associations.…