Collapse Volume II, 257–272


Elysian Space in the Middle-East


ONTORIUM. The Western graveyard is a place of consummation for the ontotheological horizon which dominates Western engagement with time and space. The site of the graveyard bridges the ontological contents of the living and the post-mortem protrusion of these contents, thus marking the transition from ontology to theatrical ontology. Or, in other words, here ontology is staged both as it is—or as it functions—and as the result of its own accomplishment (effect). Thus, all ontological projections of architecture flourish in the graveyard. Taking into account Heidegger’s notion of ‘settling’ (regelung) which, from both objective and subjective perspectives, describes the connectedness of building, being and thinking, the graveyard, then, is a rich resource for reasoning back to the experience of the ontological encounter with space and time and the uniqueness of this experience within each culture or ontotheological formulation of Elysian Space……