Collapse Volume III, 230–242


Unknown Deleuze


Two ‘unknown Deleuze’s and one ‘un’: an approach to deciphering the collective symmetrical manner of the central page (page 131) of The Fold (518 words)—carrying out a logical cartographical composition of abstract topological elements (monads, words, etc.). The baroque nature of 131 can be distinguished through two references: firstly, the central piece (3) has an identical architectural form to baroque facades (Santa Maria della Pace, Saint Ivo della Sapienza, Sant’Andrea al Quirinale); secondly, the same central piece (3), as surrounded by symmetrical pieces (1-1), manifests the voluptuousness of a curvilinear, growing, unfolding form, immanently symmetrical. As a form, 131 presents the elements of symmetrical order of the early baroque…