Site as Procedure as Interaction


What is called an ‘actual’ world is the indexing of a recognisable world. In everyday speech, the actual world is isomorphic with a familiar world.

An actual world appears concretely because a shared conceptual possibility-space exists that enables its recognition. This impersonal concretion informs the domain of personal experience as the fusion of ‘percepts, affects, concepts, and intersubjective relations’ in an impure mixture. This possibility-space of enablement and the perceptual codes of ‘sense making’ that constitute it, delineate an enclosure, a distinct world.

This enclosure maps a particular space of intuitions (the conditioning of experience), as well as intuitions of space (the conditions for experience). Intuitions of space shape particular mental pictures of relationality and causation between bodies and entities, serving as the abstract ground through which ways of being and doing (ethoi) are justified.

Worlding is the contestation over the justification of the material-conceptual borders enclosing the actual, but is not necessarily just. Worlding is always arduous, yet is qualitatively ambivalent.…