Non-Philosophy as Heresy


De deux opinions et de leur difference Trois mots feront par tout le vrai département
Des contraires raisons: seul, seule et seulement

—Agrippa d’Aubigné, Les Tragiques, chant V

Presenting non-philosophy in a somewhat external way, through its effects, we shall say that it is the solution to two problems that the practice of philosophy poses but to which it has never responded without attempting to bias the outcome. The first problem is the programme of a critique that is ‘complete’, i.e. leaves no presupposition uncritiqued or theoretically undefined. Distributed amongst conflicting systems, parcelled out to the exact extent that it is left to the attentions of ‘professional’ philosophers, divided internally to the point of being implicated or compromised in its own critique, it is inevitable that its reproduction prevails over its production, its repetition over its renovation…