Among the most heartbreaking and unbearable works of art of recent years, the music video ‘Cry Alone’, the first single from Gustav Elijah Åhr/Lil Peep’s posthumous album Come Over When You’re Sober pt. 2, has earned a place in my heart, remaining, as far as I’m concerned, undefeated in morbidity to this day. The reason for my personal preference is easy to state: behind the mall goth aesthetics, the ugliness of the video, the nauseating repetitiveness of the song and the grunge revival in trap sauce that no one asked for, there is a narrative as simple and effective as it is unconscious and involuntary, as poignant and monstrous as it is kitsch and in bad taste. ‘Cry Alone’ is comparable to a particularly obscene and detestable yet clumsily trashy Halloween decoration. A human skull used as a Jack O’Lantern.…