Davi Kopenawa

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    Davi Kopenawa once saw the God of the Whites. Teosi. The one whose twisted words know only threat and fear, and nothing of the Forest. Well, maybe he saw him. We don’t actually know. Because in reality, even with the yãkoana powder, no one has yet managed to bring down his image, to see him dance. All the same, what Davi saw that day, the day he died because of the White man’s epidemics, the white shit, that white shit dog that devours your belly and crushes your bones, is something like what the spirits call Wãiwãiri, a being with flabby, luminous skin that dances on the spot, agitated with soft, frightening shivers. Powder never makes you see that! Even the old powder, the soft powder! To see it, you don’t have to die of gunpowder, but of xawara, the White man’s disease.…