Omnicide, 1–16


Introduction: Movement of the Lost Cause


On one night among many, a man sets ablaze a random building or village, and then dances. What persuaded this implausible design into incarnated possibility, to become the exclusive signature of his touch? Another convenes a militia or occult legion, donning long robes of self-deification. What folkloric principle or totemic theology could have drawn this otherwise unfathomable streak to the surface of his mind-body? A woman declares herself the enemy of certain archaic gods, and stabs her forearm upwards with sacred weapon in hand. What gives her warrant to pierce the skies? These questions must be answered, for everyone’s sake; they must be approached through a detailed practicum of mania then willed toward inflection, gestation, and incision.

Omnicide: The killing of everything. What kind of miniaturist enchantment would lead someone to end the world?…