Omnicide, 315–370


Monomania (Aloneness)


No steps, no traces […] You truly are alone with yourself now. You fall into light, light and free. You test your silence and fragility. You have the power now to ask it, are you who you are?


We encounter our third monomaniac having gone where none can follow, into states of semi-hibernation where solitude, contemplation, and self-awareness do not strengthen ontological unity but rather bring about a season of utmost fragility for Being. Here, the mind’s brooding does not win the perfect prize of self-confirmation—‘I think therefore I Am’—but instead descends into a state of silent imperfection. Far worse than the existential crisis that asks ‘Who am I?’, this untold aeon represents the more definitive, grave realization that ‘I am someone other than who I think I am’ and that therefore ‘I misunderstand my own thought’, or even ‘My thoughts are not my own’…