XYZT, 251–261


The Lulubi


Start the truck after three attempts with the choke and rev her up. The tires roll over the uneven road as we move into a tighter and less friendly part of the mountain.

When he finally speaks, he says, ‘I’m Mike, how about you?’


‘That’s an original name. Is it Iranian?’ he says.

‘It’s Lulubian.’

He shakes his head. ‘Never heard of it.’

‘You don’t know the Lulubi?’

‘Afraid not.’

‘Lulubi are very, how do you say, wait…famous.’

‘Not ringing a bell, but then again I don’t know much about Iran’s history.’

‘Lulubi go back before Iran, before Persia.’

‘That’s very old.’

‘Very old Lulubi.’…