Jessica Edwards

Jessica Edwards is an independent researcher, writer, lecturer and curator. A former Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of East London, she relocated to Berlin in 2017 focusing upon expanding her curatorial and artistic practice. Finding alternate modes for the dissemination of her conceptual and critical interests at the intersection of race and artificial intelligence, the art/s of memory and racial trauma, the entanglements and aftermath of colonial history and racial capitalism, and, separately, the surprising connections to be made between Cold War politics and sound system culture, she has published critical and exhibition texts within these spheres. In 2021 she conceived, organized and chaired the well-received one-day symposium, The Cold War Continuum: The Role of Sound Systems in the Vibrational Delusions of Sonic Warfare within the context of Nik Nowak’s exhibition Schizo Sonics (Kindl Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin) and the end of January 2024 sees the opening of her curated international group exhibition Heavy Water | of Coordinates, Containers and Containment at Alexander Levy Gallery, Berlin.