Feb 2017


Digital Hyperstition

Original Edition
£ / $
Edition of 50 copies
  • Stapled Pamphlet
  • 297×101mm
  • 80pp
  • Recovered from the Vault
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Edition Sold Out
In a strange twist of fate (?), soon after we published the limited edition reprint of Digital Hyperstition, a forgotten cache of Abstract Cultures were discovered, having languished in the darkness for 17 years...! These are copies of the original edition printed in 1999, available in a limited quantity. Again, all profits from sale will be donated to the fund to support the late Mark Fisher’s family.

Digital Hyperstition is the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit’s definitive work of indisciplinary microcultural agitation. This explosive document brings together recovered hyperstitional episodes reported by Melanie Newton, Echidna Stillwell, and other students and victims of Lemurian time sorcery, with texts on popular numerics, afromathematics, polyrhythmic aquassassination, and Y2K panic. Also contains a presentation of Pandemonium, the complete system of time sorcery, authoritative rules for the games of Decadence and Subdecadence, and an invaluable CCRU glossary.