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Nov 2021

ISBN 978-1-913029-95-1


Structure and Synthesis

The Anatomy of Practice

Original Edition

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  • Paperback
  • 250×190mm
  • 400pp
  • monochrome diagrams and photographs
  • Design: Joe Gilmore
  • Type: Norm

Fell’s sense of humour smacks across the page. […] a timely provocation to artists, institutions, and arts funders. We should applaud his incredible ability to call out shit things for being exactly that.

Mariam Rezaei, The Wire

This extensive anthology brings together diverse materials charting the development of pioneering artist Mark Fell’s defiantly unorthodox practice.

An amalgam of workbook and manifesto, Structure and Synthesis interweaves diagrammatic sketches, procedural systems, drawings, and photographs with philosophical essays, cutting polemics, instructional texts, and fragments from the artist’s personal notebooks, offering multithreaded perspectives on time, technology and aesthetics.

Designer Joe Gilmore, a long-term collaborator, creates a striking graphic context for Fell’s evolving thinking, and the methods and structures developed over his many solo and collaborative works.

An accompanying playlist is available on our YouTube channel, featuring tracks mentioned and discussed in the book.