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2+2=5 Conceptwear T-shirt

Since life is most hideous thing,
From background behind
What best know of it
Peer demoniacal hint of truth
Which make it sometime
Thousandfold more hideous.
Buy T-shirt make feel better.

The latest addition to our Conceptwear range tells it like it is, Big Brother style, riffing on 2+2=5, Jake Chapman’s coruscating rewrite of [redacted for legal reasons].

The front features a threatening slogan that sums up the positive mental attitude and cheery outlook of 2+2=5; the back features the ubiquitous Chapman smiley—all in a strangely familiar and deeply invigorating black+red colourway.

Perfect worn with loose jeans, open-toed sandals, a string of raw sandalwood beads tied loosely about the wrist, a simple sand-coloured wooden paynim pendant hung on a thick thong around the neck, and rigorously unkempt hair.

Available exclusively in Mr Charrington’s Urbanomic Shoppe (Prole District).