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20 Dec 2022

Pity is Treason NFTs

Disable currency-function while increasing exchange value. Rescind fungibility by serially debasing functionally identical units into non-fungible tokens through rectificatory defacement. Exterminate! Exterminate!’ A rather theatrical way of going about it, but Fuckface had been dead right in its analysis of the situation. It was the end.

Two editions of eight sensitive and respectful NFT animations by Jake Chapman x Urbanomic to accompany publication of the book Pity is Treason, documenting the series of rectified £10 notes produced by the artist in 2022, annus horribilis of Queen Elizabeth II’s demise.

Two sets of four NFTs in two different colourways: Mighty Morphin’ Monarch and Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Ma’am, making eight unique editions in all.

First drop on OpenSea 20 December at 20:22 GMT