Events and Special Projects

14 Jul 2022

Sonic Faction

Iklectik, London

An evening of intense collective listening, with performances of three audio essays/sonic fictions/hyperstitions, Mark Fisher and Justin Barton’s On Vanishing Land, Kode9’s Astro-Darien, and Robin Mackay’s By the North Sea.

Plus Steve Goodman, Justin Barton and Robin Mackay in discussion on the potentials of the audio essay as medium and method.

AstroDarien is a sonic fiction about simulation, the Scottish Space Program and the ghosts of the British Empire.

By the North Sea, an audio hyperstition for and with Mark Fisher, is a meditation on time and disappearance drawn through the fictions of Lovecraft, Ccru, and others.

On Vanishing Land is about following the lines of terrains and dreams. It is about a micropolitics of escape, of disappearance.

At Iklectik, London, SE1 7LG — 14th July 2022, from 6pm–11pm.

Ticketed event – see link below.

Sound system powered by Amoenus, an arts organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound.

Tickets available here.