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20 Nov 2019

The Utopia of Popularity

Paint Room Bar, Somerset House, London

What is the relation between recording and authenticity? How are hits manufactured? What kind of subject is a pop subject? Can pop music be a force for emancipation? How is pop driven by its internal tension between art and commerce?

Taking on its bitterest enemy, Theodor W. Adorno, and tracking the transformations of the pop form from Hillbilly to R&B, from Lead Belly to Drake, Dialectic of Pop is an impassioned call for pop to be recognised as a modern technologically-mediated art form to rank alongside cinema and photography.

In this launch event, in discussion with Urbanomic director Robin Mackay, author Agnès Gayraud discusses the theses of her book and some of the pop tracks that play a key role in the book.

Wednesday 20 November, 1930–2200
The Paint Room, Somerset House
Underground: Temple/Covent Garden/Charing Cross
Entrance is via Lancaster Place, new wing reception.