Duchamp Looked At (From the Other Side)

Éric Alliez

Jean-Claude Bonne

“experimenting with all possible cuts, in a constructivism of the signifier performed ‘anartistically’ ”


Fanged Noumena

Nick Land

Robin Mackay  (ed)

Ray Brassier  (ed)

“Cyberia; the base of true revolution, hidden from terrestrial immuno-politics in the future”


Irreversible Noise

Inigo Wilkins

“Noise is an intrinsic and functionally necessary condition of reason and consequently of freedom”


Speculative Aesthetics

Robin Mackay  (ed)

James Trafford  (ed)

Luke Pendrell  (ed)

“To understand the image again as a critical-political project”


The Concept of Non-Photography

François Laruelle

“Photographs are the thousand flat facets of an ungraspable identity that only shines through something else”