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Sonic Faction

Justin Barton  (ed)

Maya B. Kronic  (ed)

Steve Goodman  (ed)

“ Audio Essay as Medium and Method”
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Proof of Work

Rhea Myers

“such art ! much concept”
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Revolutionary Demonology

Gruppo di Nun

“Unleash the occult rite to irradiate the ruins of creation with Cosmic Love”
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Atlas Endlos

Yves Mettler, 

Stephen Zepke, 

Teresa Pullano, 

Neil Brenner, 

Ernesto Luna, 

Emmanuel Crivelli, 

Reza Negarestani, 

Robin Mackay

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“There are those who go to sea in order to quit the world, and those who annex the sea to the world”
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Traversing Melancholy

Gilles Grelet, 

Robin Mackay, 

Amy Ireland, 

Lendl Barcelos, 

Angus Carlyle

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London, 14 Jul 2022
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“Alienation from above, alienation from below”
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Parallel Minds

Laura Tripaldi

“In these creatures, daughters of the interface, we may discover new allies for the future”
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Cold Butter

Maggie Siebert

“There are cracks in my foundation”
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Synthetic Anthem

Yuya Sakurai

“Blockchain poem as hip hop anamnesis”
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Claudio Kulesko

“‘We just tell them. Wolves…’ ”