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Cold Butter

Maggie Siebert

“There are cracks in my foundation”
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Synthetic Anthem

Yuya Sakurai

“Blockchain poem as hip hop anamnesis”
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Claudio Kulesko

“‘We just tell them. Wolves…’ ”
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Astralpunk Overview

Kenji Siratori

“but the same meaning you want is download lemuria”
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On the Concept of Moe

Natalie Terezi Rei Watts

“girl that’s past any human gender because I’m anime now”
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***collapse afrofutures

Kodwo Eshun

Mark Fisher

Angus Carlyle

Ron Eglash

Steve Metcalf

Rohit Lekhi



“diasporic currents–voodoo memetics–darkside cyberculture”
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Proof of Work

Rhea Myers

“such art ! much concept”
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Jake Chapman

“Dystopia is just wishful thinking”
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“Unusual Electronic Music Typically Without Academic Affiliation”