Lost Films as Philosophical Fiction

Anne-Françoise Schmid,

Benoît Maire

“To make a film, one must be able to move the light source, something the philosopher is incapable of doing”


The Order of Sounds

François J. Bonnet

  • imprint
  • music
  • noise
  • schizophonia

“Before being the vehicle of signs, signals, or any semantic information whatsoever, sound bears within itself its own body, its own history, its own marks.”



Danièle Huillet

Jean-Marie Straub

Sally Shafto  (ed)

  • film
  • filmmaking
  • image

“These shots are rich in their concerted poverty: here’s how.”


“Ideas are not the immobile and irreducible essences of an intelligible world. Their dialectic is historical.”


Jen, Jeans, and Genes

Pamela Rosenkranz

“This is how blue set the stage to play the leading colour in the evolution of our eye”