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“Unusual Electronic Music Typically Without Academic Affiliation”
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Esther Gatón

“The exhibition understood as trap-machine ”
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Revolutionary Demonology

Gruppo di Nun

“Unleash the occult rite to irradiate the ruins of creation with Cosmic Love”
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The Revenge of Reason

Peter Wolfendale

“unbinding our rationality from every petty naturalism and every fixed image of thought”
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Parallel Minds

Laura Tripaldi

“In these creatures, daughters of the interface, we may discover new allies for the future”
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Jake Chapman

“Dystopia is just wishful thinking”
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Earth Leakage Trip

Paul Chaney

“the humiliating tribulations of ‘living with nature’”
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Reza Negarestani

Keith Tilford

Robin Mackay

“This is how I exhumed myself…”
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PlaguePod Live Year 2 Day 1

Robin Mackay, 

Reza Negarestani, 

DJK Huysmans, 

Matt Colquhoun, 

Shaun Lewin, 

Miguel Prado, 

Katherine Pickard

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America—An Integral Weave

Fernando Zalamea

“Enter into the ‘electromagnetic field’ between Latin America and North America ”
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Omnicide II

Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh

“a contemporary Necronomicon”
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“There are those who go to sea in order to quit the world, and those who annex the sea to the world”
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Secrets of Creation

Robin Mackay  (ed)

“How can artists and artworks stage a ‘dramatisation’ of abstract concepts ?”