Mark Fisher Memorial

Tariq Goddard,

Jeremy Gilbert,

Justin Barton…

“We will all remember Mark Fisher”


Digital Hyperstition


  • CCRU
  • Daniel Barker
  • hyperstition
  • Lemurian time sorcery

“The Numogram, or Decimal Labyrinth, is composed of ten zones”


Final and First Machine

Amanda Beech

“We’ve gone through it and we’re inside the machine…”


The Question Concerning Technology in China

Yuk Hui

  • Anamnesis
  • André Leroi-Gourhan
  • anthropocene
  • anthropology

“The relation between Qi and Dao characterises, properly speaking, the thinking of technics in China, which is also a unification of moral and cosmological thinking in a cosmotechnics”


Diagrammatics of the Contemporary

Éric Alliez

  • contemporary art
  • Deleuze and Guattari
  • diagram

“An oscillation, a supplementary pulsation, between a philosophy that is contemporary with contemporary art and an art that is contemporary with contemporary philosophy.”


Body Without Organs, Body Without Image

Éric Alliez

  • contemporary art
  • Deleuze and Guattari
  • diagram
  • Ernesto Neto

“The operation engages with nothing less than the image of power in its relation to the power of the image that animates it and gives it a discursive existence”


Intelligence and Spirit

Reza Negarestani

  • AGI
  • artificial intelligence
  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  • Immanuel Kant

“The thought experiment we propose is an outside view of ourselves as a prototype Artificial General Intelligence”


Irreversible Noise

Inigo Wilkins

  • aesthetics
  • chaos
  • economics
  • indeterminacy

“Noise is an intrinsic and functionally necessary condition of reason and consequently of freedom”


The Infra-World

François J. Bonnet

  • discourse
  • phenomenology
  • sensation
  • senses

“The infra-world can only be accessed by an infra-lucidity”


Sore Losers

Nick Land

“The ‘liberation of liberalism’ has scarcely begun”

07 Sep 2016


Robin Mackay