Avello Publishing Journal Conference 2013
09 Jun 2013

Bloodied but unbowed, Dr Jason Wakefield’s inaugural Avello Publishing Journal Conference is set to take place tomorrow in an as-yet undisclosed location at the
University of Cambridge. The conference topic, ‘The History of Newton’s Philosophy’ (inaccurately reported in some quarters as ‘The History of Oxbridge Philosophy’), will surely be of interest to scholars across the broadest range of disciplines and adepts of ‘the Hunting of the Greene Lion’ alike.

Unfortunately, shameless censorship and wanton misrepresentation on the part of Philos-L moderator Professor Stephen Clark has left many with the mistaken impression that
Dr Wakefield is a pathetic, deluded fantasist whose claim to a Cambridge Philosophy doctorate is nothing but a figment of his own fevered imagination, mere contact with whom
will prove fatal to one’s professional reputation.

Luckily, the Conference’s dramatis personæ (accurate at the time of writing) will surely prove a standing refutation of any such charge. I for one am particularly looking forward to Dummett protégé Howard Marks’s lucid and compelling contribution, not to mention the enigmatic Jason Austria’s ethical interruption!

Conference Program

Key — Note Speech:

Paradigm Shift: Rethinking Communication for the 21st Century David Gunkel, University of Northern Illinois.

Introductory Panel Chair:

Philosophy & Physics at Oxford Howard Marks, University of Oxford, U.K

Session 1:

Philosopiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica Jason Wakefield, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Session 2:

Isaac Newton and the Architectural Models of the People of Solomon Tessa Morrison, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Session 3:

Isaac Newton and Solomon’s Temple: a Fifty Year Study Tessa Morrison, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Session 4:

Ethics of Belief Jason Austria, University of Phillipines Dilliman.

Round-Table Discussion:

Wittgenstein Wren Library Notes Jason Wakefield, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Concluding Debate: Closing Motion:

Arche — Writing: Derrida & Husserl Martin Hägglund, University of Yale, U.S.A.

© Avello Publishing, Cambridge, 2013.

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