Oct 2017

ISBN 978-0-9954550-4-7


The Infra-World

Original Edition
  • Paperback
  • 175×115mm
  • 75pp.
  • Norm

    Translated by

    • Robin Mackay

    This book sets out from a question: If perception and language objectivate the world, if imagination structures it, if knowledge orders it, then how can we describe, name, or even apprehend that which comes to pass when language is absent, when perception vacillates, and when knowledge eludes us? How can we say, show, or make known that which undermines and refutes the order of things, the immutable real, the administration of the sensible?

    To respond to this question, François J. Bonnet takes us on a quest that traverses philosophy and the human sciences, but also literature, cinema, and the visual arts. For it is not enough to analyse and understand the ordering power of our representations; we must also interrogate the works of artists who have experienced and experimented with those moments when they crack open, giving way to anguish and vertigo. The Infra-World implicitly maps out another history, subterranean and disquieting, a history where all is chaos, maelstrom, and fog.