Casino Real Sneak Preview
18 Dec 2013

Some details on the contents of the long-awaited volume 8 of Collapse:
Collapse 8: Casino Real
Robin Mackay
Amanda Beech
The Church The Bank The Art Gallery
Jean-Luc Moulène
Jean Cavaillès
From Collective to Wager
Elie Ayache
A Formal Deduction of the Market
Quentin Meillassoux
Mallarmé's Materialist Divinization of the Hypothesis
Sean Ashton / Nigel Cooke
Mr Heggarty Goes Down
Steve Forte
Game Control (Interview)
Ilona Gaynor
Everything Ends in Chaos
Nick Land
Transcendental Risk
Milan Ćirković
The Greatest Gamble in History
Jaspar Joseph-Lester
A Guide to the Casino Architecture of Wedding
Fernando Zalamea
Peirce's Tychism: Absolute Contingency for our Transmodern World
Elie Ayache
From Trading Pit to Blank Swan (Interview)
Jon Roffe
From a Restricted to a General Pricing Surface
Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams
On Cunning Automata: Financial Acceleration at the Limits of the Dromological
Sam Lewitt
Notes from New Jersey
Natasha Schüll
Gambling in a Control Society
John Coates, Mark Gurnell, Zoltan Sarnyai
From Molecule to Market
David Walsh
The Professional Amateur (Interview)
Jonathan Nitzan & Shimshon Bichler
Systemic Fear (Interview)
Suhail Malik
The Ontology of Finance: Price, Power, and the Arkhé-Derivative
Michel Bitbol
Quantum Mechanics as Generalised Theory of Probabilities