Category Theory: recommended readings
15 Jul 2011

In order to get familiar with some of the fundamental concepts of category theory and Zalamea’s project, I have compiled a short list of recommended readings. While there are many monographs on category theory, I think the following titles are the most helpful for introductory and philosophical purposes:

1. Conceptual Mathematics: A First Introduction to Categories by William Lawvere (Lawvere’s book is exceptionally layman-friendly. I haven’t been aware of this title until recently. Thanks to Nick Srnicek for mentioning this book.)

2. Topoi: The Categorial Analysis of Logic by Robert Goldblatt (Goldblatt’s book contains some helpful introductory chapters. Thanks to Gabriel Catren for recommending this).

3. Tool and Object: A History and Philosophy of Category Theory by Ralf Kr??mer (An absolute essential for an in-depth analysis of the development and concepts of category theory.)

4. What is category theory? edited by Giandomenico Sica (A collection of both technical and relatively accessible essays. This title is particularly helpful for becoming familiar with broader perspectives and applications of category theory in physics, philosophy of science, etc.)