The Book of Paths


The Kaye Materials, which came into the possession of the Ccru in late January 2000 (shortly after William Kaye’s untimely death), contain several mentions of The Book of Paths, referring to it on one occasion as ‘the definitive confirmation of Stillwell’s basic insight’. Yet despite extensive investigation, the Ccru’s attempts to access this text were consistently frustrated. All inquiry into the book was suspended due to a complete lack of productive leads.

In 2003 the Ccru undertook an intensive investigation into Kaye’s cryptic references to documented interconnections between William Burroughs, Peter Vysparov, and Lemurian time travel. During the course of this research the Ccru entered into correspondence with the Vysparov estate, inquiring into the contents of the Vysparov Library, where Kaye had spent many years working as an archivist and cataloguing director.…