The Lemur of the 5::4 rift is called Ktt’skr in the Ur Nma Tongue. Her name in modern Munumese is ‘Katak’, which Stillwell translates into English as ‘The Desolator’.

In the name Katak, Horowitz finds the phonic molecule kt’k, which he associates with ‘ideas of falling or sinking’.

This connection leads him to postulate an archaic numogrammatic source for the Greek prefix of descent Kata- (as in ‘catastrophe, cataclysm, catatonic, catabolism, catadromic…’).
In a marginal comment on Geotraumatics, D.C. Barker relates the name ‘Katak’ both to the K/T missile, which terminated the age of giant saurians, and also to Krakatoa (which decimated the Dib-Nma).…