Collapse Volume VII, 561–568


On Philosophical Alchimery, Or Why All Chimeric Compositions are Philosophical Stones

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The system of faculties of a local subject is a prism that, according to the different possible interests of reason and the concomitant entanglements of faculties, refracts experience onto different abstract planes or sections (e.g. theoretical, ethical, esthetical, affective, etc.). We shall call mode of thought a discipline that aims to mediate the limits of the regional historical world that surrounds the subject according to a particular abstract plane of experience. Each mode of thought (e.g. science, politics, arts, psychoanalysis, etc.) defines a monochromatic trans-regional—or universal-oriented—gradient of mediation coplanar to the corresponding spectral section. Philosophical reason is a systematic or trans-modal regime of thought, that is to say a regime of thought transversal to the different planes, whose goal is to compose concrete polychromatic mediators by bringing the abstract vectors of mediation into concert…