Contingency and Complicity
13 Jan 2011

On January 19th (6.30-8pm), in discussion with Elie Ayache, Robin Mackay, Matthew Poole, Miguel Abreu and New York based artist, Scott Lyall, I will give a short talk on contingency, philosophy and art via videolink. More details on the event can be found here:

NEW YORK TO LONDON AND BACK ��� The Medium of Contingency January 18 ��� February 19, 2011
The Directors of Thomas Dane are pleased to present a collaboration with New York gallerist Miguel Abreu and with Robin Mackay and Tobias Huber of Urbanomic. The latter is a unique organisation based in the UK, which aims to address crucial issues in contemporary philosophy and science in relation to contemporary art practice. The project at Thomas Dane Gallery takes the form of an exhibition, a public discussion, a film screening and a publication, over the course of a four-week period.
Exhibition Private View: Tuesday, 18 January, 6-8pm
Artists in the exhibition include Kristen Alvanson, Hans Bellmer, Liz Deschenes, Thomas Eggerer, Rachel Harrison, Gareth James, Alison Knowles, Sam Lewitt, Scott Lyall, R. H. Quaytman, Eileen Quinlan, Raha Raissnia, Jimmy Raskin, Blake Rayne, Pamela Rosenkranz, Pieter Schoolwerth, Amy Sillman, and Cheyney Thompson.
In association with Sutton Lane.
Discussion: The Medium of Contingency: Wednesday, January 19, 6.30-8 pm
The notion of ���contingency��� has become crucial both in contemporary philosophy, and, as the artists in this show suggest, in contemporary art. If thought and practice are to abandon the idealism of autonomy and acknowledge the networks they are a part of, the question becomes one of developing a thought and a practice that opens to contingency. The discussion will explore how works of art write contingency into the present; are in turn written by the contingency of their materials; and how these exchanges interact with the market.
Thomas Dane Gallery
First Floor
11 Duke Street
St James’s
London SW1Y 6BN