Events and Special Projects

20 Nov 2014

#Accelerate vs Châtelet at Spike

Spike Island, Bristol

Lecture by Robin Mackay to mark the publication of Gilles Châtelet’s To Live and Think Like Pigs.

Acknowledging the increasing interest in accelerationism, editor and translator Robin Mackay introduces the thinking behind two of Urbanomic’s latest publications. #Accelerate brings together a historical selection of texts that insist that the only radical political response to advanced capitalism is not to protest, disrupt or critique, but to accelerate and exacerbate its uprooting and alienating tendencies. Meanwhile, in an almost diametrically opposed sense, Gilles Châtelet’s polemical To Live and Think Like Pigs dissects neoliberal attempts to naturalize capitalism, and opposes the fetishisation of chaos, emergence, and ‘realism’.