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14 Apr 2014

#Accelerate Meltdown Sauce

It cannot be denied that the chilli-weapon is, by design, a concept-weapon that aims to disturb the normalcy of the world (i.e., the battlespace) occupied by a target by compelling the latter—in transforming the operative conditions within the world considered as a sub-set of a ‘global’ world—to transition through various traumatic phases leading up to, but not past, a thanatologically-terminal condition, with the final consequence of being extracted from the substrate on and within which it thrives.
— Manabrata Guha, ‘Vague Weaponizations’, Collapse VII.

On the occasion of the publication of #Accelerate: The Accelerationist Reader, Urbanomic teamed up with neighbouring Kernow Chili Farm to create a superhot Bhut Jolokia and Sichuan Pepper Meltdown Sauce, in a limited edition of 200 individually numbered bottles.