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01 Apr 2011

Speculative Solution

Florian Hecker, 'Speculative Solution', CD Box by Editions Mego with Urbanomic

Urbanomic commissioned Florian Hecker to make a new work exploring themes from philosopher Quentin Meillassoux’s book After Finitude. The commission takes the form of a sound piece with additional non-sonic elements. A preview performance took place on 3rd September 2010 at Urbanomic’s The Real Thing event at Tate Britain in September 2010. A further developed version of Speculative Solution was performed at INSTAL in Glasgow, Friday 12—Sunday 14th November 2010. Further performances took place on 30th April 2011 at the Graham Foundation, Chicago, and at Documenta 13 in Kassel, 10 September 2012.

A special CD edition was released by Editions Mego in April 2011 (catalogue no. eMEGO 118), with a bilingual (French/English) book produced by Urbanomic.

[Photograph: Peter Derbsch]