INSTAL Mattin/Brassier Evacuation
17 Oct 2010

More news, from INSTAL, of an ambitious and unpredictable experiment to be conducted with Glasgow Open School, Mattin and Ray Brassier at the festival in Glasgow in November:
A major 3.5hr performance, developed from collective workshops. Put something at stake! Get involved!
Ray: The most interesting radical philosopher in Europe?
Mattin: The most provocative noise improviser around? “John Cage meets Dan Graham” – Andrea Fraser.
Glasgow Open School: A radical fringe to INSTAL 10?
PLUS: (loads of ?) people from workshops held in the run up to this event: may include you.
Radical, collective “performances” to close the festival, by Mattin, Ray and a loads of people from Glasgow, born from a collective investigation of noise and improvisation in social and political terms. “Performances” worked up by all the people from the workshops.
Here\’s how we\’re going to do it:
Take Part: Workshop Series
Ray and Mattin will ask some questions that we will try to answer together before, during and after INSTAL with Glasgow Open School, other artists at the festival and (we hope) you.
GOS are already thinking about this, but join in at any time (limited spaces, see below) and attend GOS���s regular meetings. See for details.
During INSTAL, there will be three workshops where the questions will be interrogated together with Mattin and Ray.
Want to take part? It only works if you come to all three workshops, plus Sunday night.
Limited space for the FREE workshops. Interested or want to find out more? Email
Watch: Collective Performances 1.
These workshops will lead to “performances” by the people involved: improvising with the “festival” as a concert; taking the most radical ideas of improvisation and noise, and applying them together to our social interaction.
The last hours of INSTAL will be handed to this group: the material conditions (time, space, facilities, audience…) are the instruments, from there anything can happen.
This may be the riskiest, most open and collective performance at any INSTAL. Totally self-organised by the group. A festival within a festival.
A Non-Festival?
Mattin and three other artists did a similar kind of thing at our Kill Your Timid Notion festival: it was one of the most exciting performances we have ever put on. Naturally: we want to try and go further.
It\’s the most radical thing we can do: a major experiment with the ideas of experimental music, music festivals and how they re- late to our situation. A collective “performance” developed by you? And however unlikely and un-musical the outcome might seem, (and maybe the last hours of INSTAL will be almost un- recognisable as noise, or as improvisation as we hear it today), if we take the ideas of improvisation and noise seriously, then whatever we do will be radically, immanently and exactly that; it will be a noise concert, it will be improvisation, and it will be music.
Workshop Series
Thursday 11: 19:30 – 23:00
Saturday 13: 10:00 – 13:30
Sunday 14: 10:00 – 13:30
Interested in taking part? Email to register your interest and find out more.